Following Tynwalds recent recommendations, the Claremont has announced it will be moving all employees to at least the minimum Living Wage rate of 8.61 per hour with immediate effect.

Managing Director, Mark Wilson said:

?We are immensely proud of our team at the?Claremont?and, while we have invested millions into the hotel infrastructure and guest facilities in recent years, we know that any hotel is only as good as its staff. Whether those staff be front or back of house, management, supervisory or trainees, it is a team effort to deliver the standards to which we aspire and which we believe our guests recognise.

As far we are aware, we are the first and only hotel to introduce this policy. Not only is this increase a reward for our current staff, the new rate also reflects our desire to recruit and develop the very best people in the industry.

The?Claremont?holds a unique 4-Star Gold rating on the Island. The 4 Star relates to the property and its facilities, whereas the Gold award reflects excellence in the levels of service and customer care.

Although many of the?Claremont?team already earn more than the Living Wage recommendation, this increase will be of significant benefit to those currently earning the Islands Minimum Wage. The new rate will apply to all staff regardless of age and sets an hourly rate 1.11 above the Minimum Wage for a person of 25 years or older, and an almost 2 per hour increase for those between 18 to 21 years old.